Coping with heat stress

10 views 12. december 2018

Heat stress affects both yield and comfort. This film provides some options to cool the cows.


Barn equipment and welfare

59 views 7. december 2018

In order to achieve the best possible animal welfare, the barn equipment must be fitted and...


Storage and use of vaccines – cattle

22 views 27. november 2018

This video shows how to use and store vaccines correctly in your dairy herd.


Dairy feed bunk management with Compact TMR

28 views 22. november 2018

The film shows how a well-groomed feedingarea and high blend of complete feed ensure calm before,...


Monitor the increase in growth of heifers

25 views 22. november 2018

This film shows how to achieve a high growth rate from birth to calving


How cows benefit the most from the good...

17 views 22. november 2018

See how you maintain your sand beds so you and your cows benefit the most from the good...


Protection from infection – The calving pen

20 views 22. november 2018

The calving pen is one of the most important areas when it comes to limiting the spread of...


Trimming of the normal claw

22 views 22. november 2018

Get the experts advice about how to trim a normal claw.



15 views 22. november 2018

This film shows how CTA-NorFor™ helps the dairy farmers monitor the composition of nutrients.


Move cows smart and easy

11 views 22. november 2018

Sophie Atkinson is one of the world’s leading experts in large animal behavior. In this film she...


Your NTM - With Subtitles

39 views 6. november 2018